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Here you will find everything you need for job interviews. Fairselection quickly leads you to your job profile - with all professional competencies and "soft skills", that is personal and social competencies. At the touch of a button, the software creates a telephone interview or a customised guideline for the structured interview with evaluation scales - just for you. Start now.

All instruments at a touch of a button.

That's how it works.

Role Description

All requirement for the role including competencies. Created in no time at all.

Telephone Interview

At the touch of a button. Check the fit with the right questions.

Full Interview Guideline

Questionnaire with evaluation scales – for your final decision.

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All selection instruments at the touch of a button

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The Personnel Selection Tool in 2 minutes

What makes your selection easy and fast?

Selection tools

role description

Your tailor-made job profile for personnel recruitment - including the personal, social and entrepreneurial skills really required for the position. This is also how the Cultural Fit works.

telephone interview

our telephone guide generated on the basis of your requirements profile. Precise questions allow you to decide quickly: does the respective candidate have the necessary prerequisites for a face-to-face interview?

competence-based interview

For your interview, the personnel selection tool generates the perfect guideline with questions tailored to your selected competencies. In this way, you can systematically evaluate the applicant's suitability.

feedback form

The feedback form is precisely matched to your role description. Use it for all employees in the personnel development interview or during the trial period.

Download your interview guide free of charge:

InterviewGuide_fairselection.pdf (130.5 KB)

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All selection instruments at the touch of a button

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"Think hard about whether your interviewing protocols make any sense...Do fewer, more-consistent interviews". (Harvard Business Review, Spotlight Recruiting 2019). It is simple: this software guides you quickly and step by step to all your instruments. Create them online and finely tuned, then get them as a PDF.

Why the selection tool pays off immediately

Customer opinions

The personnel selection tool enables us to draw up a precise role description within a short space of time, and we receive on-the-fly templates for the telephone interview and the competency-based interview. The systematic, accurate selection of new employees is extremely important to us so the tool has paid off already.

- Oliver Winzenried, CEO of WIBU SYSTEMS AG

The personnel selection tool has been implemented very successfully in the filling of a key position in the company. The needs analysis and the role description of the new position including structured telephone interviews in their entirety as a PDF were available on the same day. The profile of the position was online just one day later. All in all, an invaluable tool for those who need to recruit quickly and professionally.

- Martin Hermatschweiler, CEO & Co-Founder, Nanoscribe GmbH (supported by Carl ZEISS AG)

Fairselection is a high-quality product for the professional recruiting process. With the competency-based interview, you first get to know the position better, then the candidate, which is a prerequisite for a perfect match. The interview is a constructive conversation, the candidate feels very well met with the questions. A great thread for an accurate selection.

- Agnes Rohatynski Consulting, CEO & Founder

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All selection instruments at the touch of a button