Selecting new employees?
Rely on competencies.

What makes your selection easy and fast?

Selection tools

role description

Your tailor-made job profile for personnel recruitment - including the personal, social and entrepreneurial skills really required for the position. This is also how the Cultural Fit works.

telephone interview

Your telephone guide generated on the basis of your requirements profile. Precise questions allow you to decide quickly: does the respective candidate have the necessary prerequisites for a face-to-face interview?

competence-based interview

For your interview, the personnel selection tool generates the perfect guideline with questions tailored to your selected competencies. In this way, you can systematically evaluate the applicant's suitability.

feedback form

The feedback form is precisely matched to your role description. Use it for all employees in the personnel development interview or during the trial period.

Role Description
Your starting point


The role description or requirements profile is the basis for the personnel search and any recruiting activity. Here you define what you are looking for.

It is about the essential requirements, not about all conceivable wishes. You need a concentrated and professional profile of requirements, the basis for focussed interviews.

The role description or requirements profile must include the personal, social and entrepreneurial competences that are crucial for the job. If you create your job profile with the tool, you will use a validated competence model.

Once the competences have been clarified, the cultural fit will also work.

Get started and create a job profile now in the free basic version with the personnel selection tool.

Telephone interview
the first interview


The telephone interview is an effective selection tool. In the telephone interview, you as the decision-maker check whether the applicant has the basic qualifications for the position. The applicant decides whether the position suits him or her. Both invest in a time-limited interview and decide solidly for or against further steps.

The tool generates your telephone interview guide based on your requirements.

Competency-based interview
Structured questioning and evaluation


Fairselection generates the perfect guideline for your central selection interview - with precisely fitting questions on your requirements and your selected competences. The guide provides you with evaluation scales so that you can assess applicants confidently. In this way, you can arrive at your assessment quickly and in a structured manner.

Get started straight away? Create a job profile now with the free basic version of fairselection plus a sample interview as a PDF.

Feedback form
Talk with employees about competencies

Feedback Form Preview

How do you assess employees during the probationary period? How do you conduct a feedback discussion on personal, social and entrepreneurial competencies?

Use the feedback form for this. Fairselection creates it automatically based on your requirements; it is precisely matched to the competencies for the position. This way you can talk to employees about your observations in a structured way. In addition, the feedback form provides you with many tips on how to assess employees.

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